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LSU College of the Coast and Environment

Kam-Biu Liu

Position: George W. Barineau III Professor, Department of Oceanography and Coastal Sciences

Phone: 225-578-6136

Fax: 225-578-6423

E-mail: kliu1@lsu.edu

Website: http://www.oceanography.lsu.edu/liu/paleoecology_web/index_files/

Office: 3277 Energy, Coast and Environment Building

Bachelor's Degree(s): B.Sc. The Chinese University of Hong Kong, 1974

Master's Degrees(s): M.S. University of Toronto, 1978

Ph.D.(s): Ph.D. University of Toronto, 1982

Research Interests:

Thematic: paleotempestology, coastal paleoecology, ice-core paleoclimatology, global environmental change, palynology and lake-sediments

Regional: U.S. Gulf coast and Atlantic coast, Caribbean region and Central America, South America (Andes and Amazon Basin), Tibetan Plateau, Central Asia ( Mongolia and Kazakhstan), China, Africa

Classes Taught:

OCS/ENVS 4600. Global Environmental Change: Past, Present, and Future
OCS 7001. Global Change in the Quaternary
OCS 3200. Hurricanes and Typhoons

Awards & Honors:


2010-13 National Science Foundation (NSF), research grant ($124,114), Geography & Regional Science Program, BCS-0964043. “Collaborative Research: Long-term dynamics of Caribbean maritime forest ecosystems in the context of major disturbance events: The role of hurricanes and fires”. (PI: Kam-biu Liu; collaborative PI: Lisa Kennedy, Virginia Tech., total award for LSU and VT: $309,992).

2010-12 National Science Foundation (NSF), Doctoral dissertation research improvement (DDRI) grant ($11,800), Geography and Regional Science Program, BCS-1003654. “Paleohurricane proxy records from the Pacific Coast of Mexico” (PI: Kam-biu Liu; co-PI: Tom Bianchette, Ph.D. student).

2009-11 Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research (IAI) ($120,000). “Paleotempestology of Eastern North Pacific (ENP) hurricanes along the Pacific coast of Mexico”, addendum to grant agreement CRN II 050. (PI: Kam-biu Liu).

2008-12 LSU Graduate School, Economic Development Assistantship (EDA), ($100,000). “Paleotempestology-based hurricane risk assessment for Louisiana”. (PI: Kam-biu Liu).

2008-2009 DOE National Institute for Climate Change Research – Effects of past and recent hurricanes on Gulf Coast ecosystems: implications for future climate changes (PI K.B. Liu, Co-PIs N. Lam and W.J. Platt).

2006-2011 Inter-American Institute for Global Change Research – Paleotempestology of the Caribbean region: a multi-proxy, multi-site study of the spatial and temporal variability of Caribbean hurricane activity (PI K.B. Liu, Co-PIs N. Lam and 11 other scientists from four different countries in the Americas).

2006-2008 National Science Foundation – Collaborative research: Bioclimatic reconstruction of the past 50,000 years from eolian sequences in westerlies-dominated Central Asia (PIs K.B. Liu and Z.D. Feng).

2006-2008 National Science Foundation (Doctoral dissertation research improvement) – Proxy records of palohurricane activities for the western and southern Caribbean (PI K.B. Liu, Co-PI T. McCloskey).

2006-2008 National Science Foundation (Doctoral dissertation research improvement) – Tracking Donna across the northern Caribbean: developing a modern analog methodology for paleotempestology (PI K.B. Liu, Co-PI J. Knowles).

2006-2007 National Science Foundation – Do hurricanes spur responses of coastal communities to changing sea level? (PI W.J. Platt, Co-PIs K.B. Liu, J. Whitbeck, and L. Battaglia).

2006-2008 National Science Foundation – Paleoclimatic change, landscape evolution, and cultural transformations in far western Tibet (PI M.S. Aldenderfer, Co-PI J. Overpeck, J. Cole, J. Pelletier, and K.B. Liu).

2005-2008 National Science Foundation – Collaborative research: an integrative study of vulnerability and cultural response to hurricane hazards among indigenous populations on the Miskito coast of Honduras and Nicaragua (PI K.B. Liu, Co-PIs C.A. Reese and D. Cochran).

Selected Publications:

Liu, K.B., Lu, H.Y., and Shen, C.M., 2009. “Some fundamental misconceptions about paleotempestology”, Quaternary Research 71: 253-254.

Cochran, D.M., Reese, C.A., and Liu, K.B., 2009. “Tropical Storm Gamma and the Mosquitia of eastern Honduras: A little-known story from the 2005 hurricane season”, Area 41: 425-434.

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Lu, H.Y., Zhang, J.P., Liu, K.B., Wu, N.Q., et al., 2009. “Earliest domestication of common millet (Panicum miliaceum) in East Asia extended to 10,000 years ago”, Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) 106(18): 7367-7372.

Lu, H.Y., Zhang, J.P., Wu, N.Q., Liu, K.B., Xu, D.K., and Li, Q., 2009. “Phytolith analysis for the discrimination of Foxtail millet (Setaria italica) and Common millet (Panicum miliaceum)”, PLoS ONE 4(2): e4448. doi:10.1371/journal.pone.0004448.

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